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some of the rough and tumbled stones we carry

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Tumbled Stones


Buddstone or South African JadeTumbled Stone


Green Aventurine Tumbled Stones


Tumbled Stones



Moonstone Tumbled Stone


Narmada Stone

Azeztulite - Golden Healer

Jasper Arrowhead

Infinite Serpentine

Yellow Jasper

Rough Stones

Large Selection of Tumbled & Rough Stone Available

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your nature stop for crystals, rocks, minerals, fossils, jewelry & books

Tumbled Stones

Rhodonite Tumbled Stone


Rainbow Aura Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone

Rainbow Aura Rose Quartz

Mystic Merlinite or Gabbro Tumbled Stone

Mystic Merlinite

Stomatolite Tumbled Stones


Red Malachite

Red Malachite

Snow Quartz or Milky Quartz

Snow Quartz

Good selection of Amethyst Geodes from Brazil- Several sizes to choose from at our London retail shop.

Some of the tumbled and rough stones we usually have for sale - amethyst, citrine, agate, aventurine, chalcedony, ametrine, bloodstone,

jasper, quartz, numite, shungite, onyx, rose quartz, clear quartz, smoky quartz, que sera, fluorite, sodalite, lapis, calcite, selenite,

emerald, topaz, charoite, aquamarine, apatite, aragonite, moonstone, opal, azurite, merlinite - gabbro, tourmaline

Fossils - good selection of ammonites from small size to make jewelry pendants to display pieces.

Bison skull and other Bison bones, shark teeth .

Himalayan quartz clusters.  Canada rock specimens.   Moldavite ( temporaily out of stock )

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