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About Us

A Canadian based  business for over 11 years

Tree of Life is the Symbol for our Business

The Tree of Life grows from the roots to its branches.  It reaches for the sky and spreads it roots.  Its roots ground it and help it feed on nutrients. The more you feed it good nutrients ... the more it branches out.  The more it branches out the more it can make use of the wonderful energy of the sun.

Surround Your Life With Good Nutrients  and Flourish

Our Story

We started in this business

after buying and selling mining stocks.  We wanted a business that was nature based and with a product that has no expiry date.  Many things we buy today are built not to last and to be thrown away.  

Rocks, minerals, fossils and crystals are many many years old and are from nature.   They represent years of history and science.  They can be a great decoration, represent for many healing and protection energies, be a great educational tool for children and adults, be made into beautiful jewelry and much more!

Our Love


Our business provides us extra motivation to get out and do what we love. 

We love hiking, camping, kayaking and being with nature.

John helps spot for photos and Judy tries to grasp the technicalities of working a digital camera.

Surrounding ourselves with the beauty of nature including the amazement of crystals and rocks is such a privilege we are very thankful for.

Our Vision

To build a retirement business that provides us with the creative wonder of the earth we live in, new friends, constant learning, sharing ideas with others, staying fit and doing what we LOVE!

How better can it get than being surrounded by beautiful crystals and rocks, amazing ancient fossils, courageous friends, and an abundance of new adventures.

Visit our online store......rough, tumbled, bracelets, chakra kits.++

Good selection of Amethyst Geodes from Brazil- Several sizes to choose from at our London Ontario retail shop.

Some of the tumbled and rough stones we usually have for sale - amethyst, citrine, agate, aventurine, chalcedony, ametrine, bloodstone, 

jasper, quartz, numite, shungite, onyx, rose quartz, clear quartz, smoky quartz, que sera, fluorite, sodalite, lapis, calcite, selenite, 

emerald, topaz, charoite, aquamarine, apatite, aragonite, moonstone, opal, azurite, merlinite - gabbro, tourmaline

Fossils - good selection of ammonites from small size to make jewelry pendants to display pieces.

Bison skull and other Bison bones, shark teeth .  Moldavite ( temporarily out of stock)

Himalayan quartz clusters. Canada rock specimens.

Custom made beaded jewelry, repairs and redesigns. 

Custom repairs of beaded jewelry.  Bring your piece in to our shop to see if we can repair it for you for a reasonable fee and help re-use and recycle what you have lying around by putting it into another design.

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